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See the World at the Hermes Exhibit

If you are planning a trip to Europe with a stop in Paris this summer, I highly recommend the “Orient-Hermes: Voyages de Leila Menchari” at the Arab World Institute exhibit. The exhibit recreates 8 avante-garde and elaborateHermes window displays by Leila Menchari.

Orient hermes 4


Not only do the displays feature fabulous Hermes bags, clothing and accessories, but each window is themed to recreate an exotic destination.



I love the gilded elephant and lion statues, evokes the feeling of an Indian Palace.  Notice the subtle use of the exotic Hermes animal print bags.



Easily the fiercest part of the Sahara…  Predators lounge amongst their prey in this window.

Indian Palace


Earth tones and neutrals create this desert display.

Orient hermes

Tropical Jungle

I honestly can barely spot the merchandise in this grand and elaborate jungle display.



It’s amazing that these displays were originally temporary store windows and not a museum exhibit from the beginning.  Amazing use of color that catches the emotion and spirit of each destination!

The exhibit runs to June 6th 2010.

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