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Spring Things part 2

Previously I featured two spring trends I am loving now here, cropped tops from Bar III and colorful blazers. Here’s a few more styles I adding to my list of Spring favorites!

Metallic knits

Mary Jane pumps

I just noticed that all of these shoes are in a form of a soft neutral bone or pink. I guess you can say I am targeting a specific soft polished look.

I missed Michael Kors Fall 2010!

How did I miss these looks?!?! I remember breezing through all 65 runway snapshots but somehow missed these fabulous styles! Thank you to the internet and its endless resources at your finger tips!

Michael Kors F2010 @ Style.com

Michael Kors F2010 @ Style.com

The skirts and dresses have ultra smooth lines that draw your attention over each curve to the floor!

Fall 2010 Michael Kors @ Style.com

Fall 2010 Michael Kors @ Style.com

I am in love with grey style pictured above. When I spotted this look elsewhere it made me want to revisit the entire collection.

I believe we will see a lot of long slim curve hugging styles this fall!

View the entire collection @ Style.com

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