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Festival Fabulous

I am attending Coachella next weekend for the first time – yes I am a California native and I’ve always ran the other way from Coachella invites. Since I am finally attending I’ve noticed all the Coachella and music festival look books!

Club Monaco‘s Road to California



LF Music Festival Look Book

How plan to spend the days leading up to the event…

Lounging by the pool!

My Steal from LF

I swung by the LF clearance sale during the last week of it and there were still piles of sweaters and random winter pieces… But I was able to scoop this awesome green/gray leather jacket.

Please jacket, tie-dye skinny jeans, L.A.M.B shoes and Micheal Stars tunic.

Unknowingly my L.A.M.B. shoes are a perfect match!

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