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A bit of Magic

Magic/Project Trade shows wrapped up last week in Las Vegas. Every time I attend I am always surprised by the amount of lines that show. It seems like there is a never ending amount new lines that pop up.

I did however like how Magic White Show, Missy Contemporary, featured upcoming designers.

20140219_105251 20140219_10525620140219_105324

I wished I would have been able to cover more, but I was suffering from a mild flu and I did not have the energy or capacity to really go there! So in August expect more in depth coverage.

Programming note:

I will begin re-posting regularly again starting this week…  Welcome back readers!




Las Vegas Style

I spent this past New Year’s Eve weekend in Las Vegas. I spent 5 long days and 4 crazy nights in sin city. I was able to take in some people watching and I noticed the Las Vegas glamour  has gone astray. Back in the days of old casinos like the Tropicana and Harrah’s, The Rat Pack and the casino Mobs, Las Vegas was the city of opulence and glam. Women wore evening gowns and men wore suits even during the day! Modern day Las Vegas has transformed into a melting pot of questionable style. I came to the conclusion that there are 3 different types of styles in Vegas:

1.       The tourist: Either foreign or from the countryside you can spot them from a mile away.

From their comfortable walking shoes, fanny packs and out of date dress.

2.       The party goer: On trend and a bit flashy.

Vegas party girls

They don’t come out before 2PM, because they are hung over from the night before.

3.       Professional Vegas: The locals…

Vegas promoter

Dressed similarly to the party goer, but fast moving and angry over the clutters of tourists.


Within the group of professional Vegas are the professional gamblers from the biggest game being poker. They have a style all their own. Some gamblers like to hide or go incognito but not the poker Barbie Lacey Jones.

lacey jones

She has made it her mission to bring sex appeal to the traditional boy’s night in. Originally from Texas, Lacey came on the scene back in 2005 when ESPN hired models to spice up their tournament and to everyone’s surprise she was battling it out in the final round. She’s been a star contender in the Word Series of Poker ever since.




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