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First for Feb!

I decided to take last week off from blogging… I didn’t want to post filler as I decide what’s next for CakeNotCoke and before the busy event and fashion week seasons kicks in..

My first look for February!

Joie fur trimmed jacket, Gypsy05 scarf, Forever21 sweater and Sketchers boots (yes you read that correctly).

You can look forward to continued event and shopping coverage, but I am branching out to also bring a boutique focus to the site. All goes as planned I will provide inside peaks to local boutiques by featuring a local shop bi-monthly.

Also, as I prepare for big move myself I have began to get into interior decorating and I will share my inspirations here.

Black on Black with a Pop!

Layers or black with different fabrics and textures can actually make for rich look.

Joie tunic, Express sweater, H&M belt and Junior Drake bag.

Believe it or not these vintage looking riding boots are by Sketchers! Why was I even in a Sketchers store you may ask, because, I received a promo card for a free pair of shoes, and I held onto the card for more than a year because all they sell is SHAPE -UPS!! I came across these one-off at their Vegas store… lucky me, last pair in my size.

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