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Spring Things part 2

Previously I featured two spring trends I am loving now here, cropped tops from Bar III and colorful blazers. Here’s a few more styles I adding to my list of Spring favorites!

Metallic knits

Mary Jane pumps

I just noticed that all of these shoes are in a form of a soft neutral bone or pink. I guess you can say I am targeting a specific soft polished look.

Celeb lines

Who’s in and who’s out!

For awhile it had seemed like every celebrity had clothing or accessory line.
Noting that the majority of these celeb “designers” do nothing more than cut licensing deals and flood stores with mass produced crap, I mean apparel. But WWD has complied the list of Winners and Loser’s, in which we have cut the crap and got straight to point for you on you on ‘who’s in and who’s out!
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
The Row, young designer apparel, Elizabeth and James high end contemporary apparel, and their line for Wal-Mart Marykateandashley, the twins continue to grow their apparel business. MKO and AO, are definitely celebrities who do more for their line than cash a check, they design fashion.

Elizabeth James @ Shopbop.com

Elizabeth James @ Shopbop.com

Elizbeth James @ ShopBop.com

Elizbeth James @ ShopBop.com

House of Dereon attempts to take a more sophisticated turn (hopefully out of the juniors department at Macy’s) as it repositions itself as an evening wear line. Don’t fear those ill fitting stretch jeans will still be available under the new label Dereon Sportswear!

House of Dereon

House of Dereon

Dereon Denim

Dereon Denim

LC or Lauren Conrad

Despite the bad press and rumors of low sales, the line has managed to rake in $4 million dollars in it’s year long existence! Bloomingdale’s reps claim to have experience major sell-through s and that it has exceeded expectations! I guess that shows that just because Kitson can’t sell it doesn’t mean it’s crap!

Also in:

  • Gwen Stefani: Milk those cute lil Anime Girls!
    • Justin Timberlake: With new designers at the reigns the sleeping giant William Rast is ready take over!
    • Nelly: This is a surprise to me, Apple Bottoms is doing so well, that it has branched off into premium denim priced around $175!

    Hanging In:

    Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson shoe line reportedly brings in $250 million at retail (sadly I own a pair of black JS sling back pumps). Yet her shoe line is the bread and butter of her licensee lines, supposedly she also has a line of coats, lingerie, accessories and hair extensions!! What won’t she sell?!?

    Hot! Love it!


    Great Color Bad Style

    Great Color Bad Style

    Stay Puff Marshmallow Chic

    Stay Puff Marshmallow Chic?!?

    Stay Puff Mashmallow Man!

    Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!

    Also hanging tough:

    • Paris Hilton: I always wondered if Paris regrets starting a shoe and bag line, knowing that now she has to carry her crappy cheap bags and wear her uncomfortable corn producing heels in order to hype her goods. She was once one of the fiercest bitches, now she mixes Couture with her Crap!
    • Victoria Beckham: Now I’ve seen, held and tried these crappy DVB jeans, and she should have worked it out with Rock & Republic, these jeans aren’t much better than Dereon! I can’t wait to see her dress line which launched at New York fashion week; I have faith that she can bring it with fierce frocks! Maybe she has enlisted Christian Siriano as head designer, she like the rest of us, loved him!

    50 Cent & G-Unit:

    Do I even have to elaborate?!? Nothing like Hanes beefy T-‘s and cheap embroidered logos!!
    Classic G Unit

    No More Jenny from the block.. woowhooo!! Well, she’s not gone yet… but on her way out. Now I was completely unaware that there are 25 JLO stores, and 13 more in the works. What can they possibly be selling to fill a boutique! I tired researching the supposed store locations, but shopjlo.com isn’t even running! Please tell me if you’ve seen one of the phantom stores and wonders they behold within!

    Also Out:

    • Amanda Bynes, Venus Williams, SJP and anyone else who created a line for Steve and Barry’s! Due to financial troubles S&B have closed 103, proving that even celebrities hawking crap can’t save you!
    • Nicky Hilton: What is sad about this is she tried to make high end quality goods, yet her sisters mass produced crap is a success! I always wonder how it must be to be the other Hilton.
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