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Jesse McCartney’s Teenage Funk!

Prepare for another celebrity FUNK!!

We get it; the profit margins are enormous on a fragrance, but Jesse McCartney?!? Was he the last one left? Has everyone else been signed to deal?

Jesse McCartney
Jesse McCartney

The 21 year-old Disney Grad has signed a fragrance deal with First American to launch a woman’s scent called Wanted this spring. Currently targeted to reach the 21-30 crowd, execs should consider the Jr. High and High school girls!

Woman in their twenties would run in fear from the Wanted counter, especially if plastered with his juvenile picture! Even if one of the cosmetic counter hounds was able to spritz us with his funk, and some how convince us to shell out the $45-$55 bucks for it, we wouldn’t dare admit to our friends!

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