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DIY: Living Room Painting

We decided to add color to our drab basic beige and white living room walls.

20130807_113724To begin, make sure to use blue painters tape to edge off all of the corners and outlets. 20130808_112257 20130808_11233020130808_113124

Once completed get ready to paint! We selected an combination of blue and grey to compliment each other and our furniture. 20130808_112400Use a small paint brush to paint along the edges of the blue tape.   20130808_114415Use a paint roller to blend the edges and cover the rest of the wall. 20130808_115356(0)Allow a few hours to dry… and Tada!!20130913_094056



Cloom Construction

I previously shared how I was planning to utilize one of the smaller rooms in the home as a walk in closet… or cloom….  And here it is…

The closet started off in true IKEA form, piles of boxes and pressed wood…

Closet materialsEach closet side cabinet shell.  closet shell closet materials 2Puppy cameo closet materials 3I did not exactly DIY the construction, if I did I would still be putting it together! I hired a private handy man to put it together in the course of a day.

Photos wouldn’t do it justice, so I put together a little video of the completed closet.

Sorry for the skinny video… shot it on my phone rather than my camera…. Tsk Tsk Tsk

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