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Festival Fabulous

I am attending Coachella next weekend for the first time – yes I am a California native and I’ve always ran the other way from Coachella invites. Since I am finally attending I’ve noticed all the Coachella and music festival look books!

Club Monaco‘s Road to California



LF Music Festival Look Book

How plan to spend the days leading up to the event…

Lounging by the pool!

LAFW Fall 2010 Event Hopping !

LA Fashion Week is here and is full of events and opportunities to mingle with fashion insiders and fashion fans.

110 Years of Fashion

110 Years of Fashion

I started my LAFW weekend with at the Fashion Retrospective at the California Mart. For those of you who do not know what the Cal-Mart (as we call it) is… It is basically the largest housing of showrooms in the in Downtown Los Angeles area. Many up and coming brands are have their showrooms alongside well established brands.

110 Years of Fashion

110 Years of Fashion Great Glamorous era 1910's

I arrived at the Opening Night Reception of the 110 Years of Fashion Art Installation. It featured a mannequin modeling the most stand out trends from each decade, from the 1900’s to present day.  Although, each display was elegantly crafted and styled I was hoping for a bit more.

Vintage Photos

Vintage Photos

There was a VIP lounge featured vintage sketches and fashion photographs on display.  There were also these awesome couches with Swarovski Crystal studs.

Vintage Sketches

Vintage Sketches

I did use this opportunity to debut my new babies…

My Proenza Schoular booties…

lafw night1

Yellow silk tank, BCBG bandage skit, Target patterned tights, Proenza Schoular booties, Club Monaco necklace and hodgepodge of bracelets!

Love my booties!

even though they currently have 45min standing time limit!!

After the exhibit, I hopped over to Box8 for more cocktails and fashion!

Box 8 night 1

After attending this event last season, I was better prepared and knew exactly what to expect and what I could take from the event. The concept for the Box8 events is that labels hold avant garde photo shoots while a hip/sexy fashion crowds looks on. The event had gorgeous gals from LA Models and the designers included Skin Graft, Gold Spun, Funktional and Isabel Lu. The parties are cool concepts used for each shoot are exciting.


I did take note of the ultra dark and mysterious Skin Graft.  The models faces were covered in white paint with black across the eyes and layers of dark colors with a variety of fur trim. All of the darkness was illuminated on the bright floating platform.

Love this green leather jacket

Love this green leather jacket

What was also unique is that they featured a pregnant model!


Shoot for 2!

The downside of these events is that you don’t really get to see the designer’s lines. I was uber excited to check out Isabel Lu’s feminine frocks, but it seems like they never got started!

Tonight I am attending to two more events. One of the few runway shows and Box8 night 2.

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