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Spring Things part 2

Previously I featured two spring trends I am loving now here, cropped tops from Bar III and colorful blazers. Here’s a few more styles I adding to my list of Spring favorites!

Metallic knits

Mary Jane pumps

I just noticed that all of these shoes are in a form of a soft neutral bone or pink. I guess you can say I am targeting a specific soft polished look.

New Spring Sunglasses

So I began packing away my winter wear and started pulling out my spring clothing. I took inventory of things to put on the Spring/Summer shopping list so I know what departments to hit for the spring preview sales when I noticed my sunglasses have taken a bit of abuse during the fall. I can’t say I kept them safe while braving the rainstorms this winter!

Normally, I like to wear thin frames with oversized lens. Luckily for me these eyewear styles are on trend for Spring 2011 so I had plenty to choose from. We all know sunglasses can be the hardest thing to shop for as they go on your face! If a blouse or jacket doesn’t fit quiet right you can fudge it a bit, but not with sunglasses. I came across these sporty styles from Carrera sunglasses. I like the thin modified aviator frame. The style comes in a variety of unisex styles and colors.

My Picks:

Carrera sunglasses spring 2011

Endurance Havana/Rosegold

Master 2 F0F gold / silver

Back 80’s silver red

Andy Aubergine

I am really digging the burgundy frames for a pop of color. Black and metallics are always great for a neutral but I think I may mix it up this summer.

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