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Dolce Vita for Target

There was once a time when designer collaborations were the biggest buzz worthy happening on the fashion scene. Niche designers and a few well established ones, partnered with H&M, Target and other mass production stores to create an “obtainable” yet exclusive line.

For some of the more sought after collabs people would line up days prior to the launch and they would sell out in hours.  Now that the collab steam has come to slow, collab pieces making it to clearance racks and people realizing that just because it says Cavailli doesn’t mean its and has much more staying power as their Mossimo tops.

Recently, Dolce Vita for Target launched, I spotted it while I was on my way to the shampoo aisle. The styles are very similar to last season’s Dolce Vita or Steve Madden wedges. I’m not big of a wedge wearer, but knowing that flares are in this summer I thought I’d pick up a pair.

Luckily for me they were on BOGO – Buy One Get One half off.  Fairly comfortable, except the foot sweat from the synthetic materials, but since I would be wearing flares none of that would matter.

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Jimmy Choo has teamed up with H&M to create an one off collection that with include bags, shoes and accessories for men and women. The collection is slated to it select stores Nov. 14 with shoes prices below $150 and handbags under $275.

Line up early or be forced to spend double on eBay!

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