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British Pop Style

British Pop Stars have been well known for their eclectic style of over the years. From the dramatic iconic 70’s style of David Bowie to the character-esque costumes of the Spice Girls.

David Bowie was known for ionic face painting and over the top costumes.

During the peak of Spice Girl domination, each of the Spice Girls had their own character or spice that defined their costume or look.

Although, now it seems that fewer artist have their own iconic style that ties them to their origin. Take new comer, Ed Sheeran, whose style is reflective of just about any American teen. Colorful hoodies, skinny jeans and messy hair, he’s become an international teen heart throb and just getting Ed Sheeran tickets would make you a hero in the eyes of the teen girl in your life. If for any reason teen pop music concerts aren’t your cup of tea you can always sell tickets here online at Stub Hub.

Ed’s style may not be iconic or ground breaking when compared to his more stylish British Pop predecessors. Yet, he has perfected the boy next door look mixed with a classic skate board style.

Not all current British pop stars have given up the idea of dramatic costumes; Jessie J has taken to the onesie or full body body-suit as the go to performance and red carpet look.

 Jessie J’s looks are always sexy with a bit rock and roll edge. Similar to Rhianna, the looks are always fitting to show offer her curves.


Not all pop stars looks stay the same, after breaking up, trying solo careers, personal lives and eventually reuniting, the Spice Girls iconic style has evolved with them. Still with a bit of their own “spice” each girls’ style is more refined for a more mature spice.


Cake Update

After years of hobby blogging – sharing some of my shopping deals, events hopping and of course a peak into my closet – I have decided what really works for me and what my readers seem to enjoy. I’ve noticed that you enjoy reading about events, shopping and contest. So with that  being said, starting this week I will focus on what you want and what I can deliver!

  1. Events
  2. Shopping
  3. Contest


I will keep you in the know of where I go! I love covering events, especially those with awesome swag bags. Granted LA isn’t NYC when it comes to fashion events, but we have our share glamorous magazine and celebrity events many of which I cover were appropriate. Of course, there is always LAFW and TwoPointOhLA events – which I have to make time to beginning attending again.

Recently covered event – Angeleno Magazine Beauty event.

Angeleno Pool Side Beauty Event August 2012


Well here is where it gets fun. I plan to share and repost any fabulous offer I receive – well because sharing is caring! I would like to share any offers and awesome deals you receive as well. You can email them directly to



Remember those swag bags from the events I cover. I occasionally divide and conquer when it comes to all the goodies inside. Many times the swag doesn’t work for me and give you an opportunity to win! So watch for the swag bag contest on Twitter, FreeGretchen and of course right here on Cake Not Coke.

Wait for the Angeleno swag bag contest pictured above to launch on Wednesday 9/19/12!

I hope you will enjoy this new focus, until the next evolution of Cake Not Coke.

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