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Cloom Construction

I previously shared how I was planning to utilize one of the smaller rooms in the home as a walk in closet… or cloom….  And here it is…

The closet started off in true IKEA form, piles of boxes and pressed wood…

Closet materialsEach closet side cabinet shell.  closet shell closet materials 2Puppy cameo closet materials 3I did not exactly DIY the construction, if I did I would still be putting it together! I hired a private handy man to put it together in the course of a day.

Photos wouldn’t do it justice, so I put together a little video of the completed closet.

Sorry for the skinny video… shot it on my phone rather than my camera…. Tsk Tsk Tsk

La – Z – Boy Furniture

After waiting several weeks for our furniture our custom La-z-Boy pieces have arrived. Well sorta… Ottoman comes in 2 weeks!

Before we placed the furniture we laid down a  5′x8′ area rug. I was surprised to discover how expensive area rugs are even at places like Target where a rug can run $150 or more. I was lucky to score the rug below on clearance for $60 because the packaging was defective!Target rug

Don’t forget your rug pad to keep it from slipping… Target rug and rug pad

We only received the sofa and statement chair the matching ottoman arrives in a few more weeks.

Living Room sofa

Don’t worry… Those curtains are on their way out. We purchased them before the furniture and they are just waaaayyy to matchy matchy.. Living Room sofa 2

We went with the copper studs to warm up the cool colors in the furniture. The copper will also bring together and be cohesive with wood living room furniture.

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