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Chic Home Bar

When creating a home bar the options can seem pretty endless. From liquor chest, cabinets, traditional bars, credenzas and built-ins, choosing the best bar for your home can be daunting. 

Once you’ve created a budget and measured the area, that will eliminate quite a few options. The next step is to decide what features are important to you and your lifestyle. Since my significant other is a aspiring wine connoisseur, so having easy access to a wine fridge was a must. I enjoy cocktails and wanted an area to create my spirited masterpieces along with a place to display glasses and fun accessories. 

After looking at dozens of bars we ordered the Siena Mezzo Wine Credenza from Wine Enthusiast.


Wine Enthusiast: Siena Mezzo Wine Credenza

The dual side bar is large enough for a 28 bottle refrigerator and the shelving is sturdy enough to hold several handles of the good stuff. On top I have placed a bar tray from Homegoods, Ice bucked and hand painted silver cocktail glasses from Z Gallerie

SONY DSCTo display our various stemware we picked up two Holman Entertaining Shelves wine glass shelves from Pottery Barn.


Pottery Barn Holman Entertaining Shelves

These shelves provide us with storage and display space for all off our various size stemware on the bottom and glasses and other cocktail accessories above. We even topped off the bar with a vintage style marquee sign. 


I do take my cocktailing seriously, but don’t forget to add a bit of fun and personality to your bar. Our Chewbacca goblet and naughty shot glasses from Mexico.

home bAR 5All together these elements create an efficient bar area. 
SONY DSCThat blends nicely into a living room setting.

living room

DIY: Living Room Painting

We decided to add color to our drab basic beige and white living room walls.

20130807_113724To begin, make sure to use blue painters tape to edge off all of the corners and outlets. 20130808_112257 20130808_11233020130808_113124

Once completed get ready to paint! We selected an combination of blue and grey to compliment each other and our furniture. 20130808_112400Use a small paint brush to paint along the edges of the blue tape.   20130808_114415Use a paint roller to blend the edges and cover the rest of the wall. 20130808_115356(0)Allow a few hours to dry… and Tada!!20130913_094056



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