Welcome to CakeNotCoke!

Cake Not Coke loosely translates into being yourself and enjoying every minute of it!

 You don’t have to be a size 2 to be fabulous!

You do not have to spend $$$ on designer duds to look stylish.

Cake Not Coke is dedicated to the things we love and not sweating the small stuff!

We enjoying event hopping, scoring great pieces on sale and of course, cake!


5’11 and Fierce! Only thing Hillary loves more than fabulous fashions, is a great sale and delicious cupcake!

Hillary is a young fashion professional who loves scooping up bargains found at industry sample sales and indulging in cupcakes and cocktails!

Hillary loves enjoying all delicious experiences life has to offer!

Hillary’s moto: Why skip dessert or pass on the 2nd glass of wine, when you can be fierce in size six!”


Ali is CakeNotCoke.com fierce fabulous graphic design diva!  When she isn’t organizing platinum weddings, political galas and red carpet events; she enjoys relaxing with wine and exotic cheeses.

When it comes to tech support… No one is fiercer!



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  1. Brittany Busacca

    I wanted to inquire about the bcbg crystal collar that you have. Is it still available and if so, how much would you like for it? I’m looking for a dun piece of jewelry for my wedding in july and thought this piece could be perfect :).


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