Inside: Punk – Chaos to Couture

On my recent birthday trip to NYC I took a break from scouring the hundreds of sale racks at Century21 to visit The Met and check out Punk Chaos to Couture. Punk is a collection designer looks inspired from the British and American punk culture of the 1970′s and 80′s.

This look from the Burberry SS13 collection is my favorite look from the exhibit.

SONY DSC I love the amazing details on the leather studded and spiked jacket. It is one of the newer collection pieces on the display and this possibly why I adore the jacket so much. Although, once could probably DIY it, I am not much of a DIYer – so I am itching to commission a tailor to make one! SONY DSCSONY DSC

Another one of my favorites is from the AW07 Givenchy collection. This look is more toned down and wearable. This gold pyramid stud jacket would easily work into my wardrobe! Commission project #2!


The exhibit included a few Vivienne Westwood pieces from the 1974 film Too Fast to Live, To Young to Die!


Punk tees from the 1970′s Vivienne Westwood, including the infamous Naked Footballer tee!SONY DSC

An amazing but very Versace punk piece.


Balenciaga’s understated but perfectly punk gown.


A few additional designer punk pieces that I was unable to capture information for…SONY DSC SONY DSC

Baby safety pin finger tips!!SONY DSC

Punk is an amazing exhibit and a great example of the intersections of music, lifestyle, fashion and ingenuity. The exhibit closed this summer, so I am happy I was able to share my inspiring experience.

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