Juicy Bag UPDATE

 Do not buy this bag.

The little leopard spots are sticky any collect color and materials from anything it touches….


Now I am not a fashion novice, I am very careful with what I wear against what…. I know better than to wear dark denim with light colored fabric and leather bags. Here I was wearing a cotton tank that I had worn and washed before….

Now look at it

bad bag

After speaking with the Store Manager from the store I purchased it from she seemed willing to help, but unfortunately her location was a bit out of the way as I was visiting the area over the weekend. I then went to my local location and this Store Manager treated as if I was trying return stolen merchandise!!  All I wanted was an exchange for the darker version, so when it does pick up color again, which it will, it will not be as noticeable.

Normally when a bag has an above average tendency to pick up color there is a warning label within the bag, there wasn’t a label included with this bag. This experience is giving me second thoughts about the tons of money and numerous post I’ve written praising Juicy. Don’t get me wrong, I realize nothing last forever, but you should get a few uses out of it before your items start looking like they’ve gone through a war!!

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One thought on “Juicy Bag UPDATE

  1. Genaro I. Rios

    Yes, you should complain. Call the store and ask for the District Manager’s contact information, that way you are getting the person that the manager directly answers to at the company.

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