Bikini’s and Margaritas!

Its that time of year again! When you grab all of your girl bffs and head out on fabulous girls only summer vacay. Normally, girl trip vacation destination always end up somewhere where bikinis and swimsuits are 50% of your luggage as you plan to drown yourself in pool side margaritas! This spring when planning for our annual summer trip the usual destinations came to mind, Mexico and Las Vegas.

Me by Melia Pool

A fun and close destination for those living in LA is Mexico. With fabulous destinations like Cancun, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta you have many cities to choose from in order to get your margarita fix! When traveling to Mexico you want to avoid the boarder cities and flights to Cancun are not that expensive. You can even find great all inclusive deals for other cities in Mexico. The Me by Melia hotel chain offers a Vegas like experience with their Nikki Beach installation and the best part is… The hotel is adults only!


Las Vegas is an obvious top pick destination for any living here in LA, the option of cheap flights or quick drive over to Sin City makes it an easy and quick getaway.  In Las Vegas you get top notch entertainment, restaurants and accommodations…  If you are not interested in seeing a show, eating a prime cut of beef or staying in a room with imported marble floors there are plenty of nightlife and day life options too. From crazy day parties such as GhostBar Day Club and Wet Republic and an insane club life at night you can easily start at 1PM at the pool and party to 6AM! Without even changing your outfit – however this is not recommended. You should squeeze in a nap, dinner and wardrobe change between events!

This year we are heading back to Vegas baby!

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