St. Thomas

I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many European cities post college – pre blogging time, but one place still on my must visit vacation list is Ibiza. Something about Las Vegas meets tropical island sounds amazing! I have been keeping my eye out for vacation deals for Ibiza and watching for ideally located Ibiza hotels to keep me in the middle of the action!

Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort

But unfortunately I have not come across a deal for an Ibiza vacation, but I recently took the plunge and tried out my first Groupon Vacation – destination St. Thomas!  St. Thomas is an island in the Caribbean Sea that is a part of the island group called the US Virgin Islands. We stayed at the Sugar Bay Resort which offered amazing views and nice accommodations.

Ocean View Room View

The resort amenities included pools, tennis courts, a basketball court and various dining options.

Resort trail to the pool.

Not so bad going down…  After a few Mi Tai’s the trip up isn’t t0o friendly.

One amenity that is not listed about the resort are the resident iguanas that live there.

Scary to look at, but they are so use to hanging with humans that they have become the resorts pets! They even have a scheduled daily feeding on the resort daily activities.

They even love to hang by the pool and wait for drunkin’ guest to swim over and share their cocktail fruit with them!

We did venture off the resort campus and took a trip downtown. Downtown St. Thomas is known for an intense jewelry district, where merchants banter to passers to check out their offerings. Everyone to mom and pops to big dogs like Cartier set up shop on a tiny 3 block stretch. The reason why jewelery is such a big draw to St. Thomas, no sales tax!

But I just focused on more amazing views!

I wish I was there still!

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