Colin Stewart via Victoria’s Secret

I am size 11 shoe and I am not afraid to admit it!

For those of us who don’t fit the traditional 7-9 size range, finding cute comfortable and well fitting shoes can be Mission Impossible! I will admit over the past few years, with boom of internet shopping it have become less of a mission because of the availability of every shoe store at your finger tips, the ability to give shoe stores feedback on size availability and of course the increase of specialty e-tailiers that focus on the hard to fit.

One retailer that has carried size 11 shoes in their catalog and online is Victoria’s Secret via their Colin Stewart line. After years of debating or forgetting to include them in my new shoe search, I took the plunge and ordered!

Colin Stewart Peep toe pump in Cobalt

Colin Stewart Peep toe platform pump in Snake Skin

Colin Stewart pumps normally range between $48-$78, for that price the quality is pretty good. My only complaint are the ankle straps as they are a bit to long so they fit loose. I would recommend buying them during one of Victoria’s Secrets many spend and get promotions….

After playing in my closet and trying them on around the house, I actually only kept the Cobalt pump as the Snake Skin was 7inches high including the platform and with a ill fitting ankle strap they weren’t ideal….

Also, being 5’11, I try to draw the line at 4-5inches high…

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