The blogging basics

I consider myself to be a hobby blogger – sharing some of my shopping deals, events hopping and of course a peak into my closet. Occasionally I get asked, how do I start a blog? Well there are many ways, to begin blogging but I will talk about 3 steps that I feel are key..

  1. Equipment
  2. Unique and easy url
  3. Goal/Objective


This part is uber important and I spent with first year of blogging ill-equipped. It’s not just a computer and a Wifi connection. Computer, a quality Camera – yes your iPhone or point and shoot may take decent pictures, but they do not filter and capture the details and light like a quality DSLR. Lastly, get Norton Antivirus, if you’re going to be downloading pictures and free photo editing software you want to make sure you are protected.

My first outfit post – taken with crappy camera.

Off to work: Brightening greys with hot Pink!

Unique and Easy Url:

Having an unique Url makes people curious and want to learn more about your blog. Yes the FashionThis or ILoveFashion are obvious choices, but every time I say Cake Not Coke, the listener becomes intrigued wand wants to know about the site and the origin behind the name. You don’t want too be to unique as you want people to be able easily look up your blog without heavy Google research.

Goal /Objective:

Not every blogger wants to be the next Sea of Shoes – but having a goal and objective are imperative to keeping you focused and inspired. Especially now that it seems there is always a new Social Media medium that a blogger must utilize to stay relevant. For example, first it was BlogLovin, then Facebook Fan Pages, then Twitter, then Polyvore, then Tumblr and now Pintrest! Setting goals and planning towards them will allow you to carve out a path and select mediums that work for you.

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