Splurg vs. Scrimp

When to splurge and when to scrimp… Knowing when to spend or invest on key items is the key to smart and savvy shopper. A rule of thumb for comparing investment pieces versus quality and timelessness.  I debated the splurge or scrimp idea when buying my new “it” bag for spring.

I wanted to get a neon bag for spring and of course on the splurge/invest end was the PS1 – oh to die… On the scrimp end is the Nasty Gal imitation leather bag. While debating which end of the spectrum to choose I used a similar method of pros and cons that one my use to compare credit cards.


The PS1 although it easily comes out on top on quality and style; but the neon style is uber on trend… Does it make sense to splurge on something that is going to be a fad?  That’s where the Nasty Gal purse makes the most sense.

Nasty Gal neon satchel $48

Although, I am not big on inexpensive items that look it… So I was happy when I found my Cambridge Satchel Company bag… Genuine leather, great style and of course on trend!

As you may know a sprung for it in 2 colors!

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