Modern Equestrian

I have personally been on the hunt for an “Equestrian Chic” blazer for months now. It has become more of a mission to find the perfect Equestrian style blazer that I can style into my modern contemporary wardrobe.

The issue is that I do not want to look too stuffy, or like I am trying to hard. I don’t want to break the bank on purchasing a brands that real Equestrians wear and I don’t want to wear anything cheap and flimsy.I just want something that takes just the right of amount classic Equestrian influence but with a modern fit and style.

Too Classic, traditional and conservative

Recently,  I came across these gorgeous blazers by Steffen Schraut designs that embody the modern styling to a classic and traditional look.

Steffen Schraut

Steffen Schraut

I love the slim cut, asymmetrical fit and adorable leather elbow patches. Although, I am in love with this blazer Steffen Schraut offers more than beautiful blazers, everything from career wear to cocktail hour is offered. I think I am a new fan!

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