Delicious Necklush

Twitter has become more than just a way to update my readers on new post, share information or send pics of the days comings and goings; but thanks to twitter I have learned of new brands, trends and products too! Recently Necklush began following me and I immediately wanted to write a post about them, but I had my doggy emergencies so it got put on hold.

Without further delay…

Delicious Necklush

Necklush takes the season out of the scarf and makes it a year round must have accessory. The Necklush are hand printed and dyed multi-strand scarfs that can be layered and styled in almost anyway you can imagine.

Cherry Cream Soda - $26

Banana – $42.00

Purple Ultra – $74.00

There are also styling videos to get you started on styling your first Necklush. Check out their styling videos featuring the Necklush Ultra.

Necklush! from microfantastic on Vimeo.

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