Things for Spring Part 1

Spring fashion gets a ton of coverage in the fall/resort time period. I love to revisit Spring or whatever season it currently is, when the items are available in store and main stream retailers  have had a chance to incorporate couture and designer “inspiration” from the runways into their product offerings. I just wanted to share with you a few styles I am loving this spring…

Bar III – It’s Macy’s in-house contemporary line. Think INC for the youth. I am madly in love with these draped cropped tops!  I actually recently wore one here. The hem in the front hits me right above the belt line, showing just a touch of skin, then it falls into a long drape in the back. I love it so much I had to go back a pick up a few more colors over the weekend, but here are a few versions I found on Macy’

I actually now own the yellow and cut out style.

Colorful Blazers

  • Zara Blazer in Orange and Hot pink
  • Mango Jacket Brillo
  • Smythe  Equestrian Blazer Yellow – I LOVE this classic Smythe blazer, I’ve even posted about it in the past here. Every season they update the color ways and keep the same classic style. I know this jacket is equivalent to some peoples rent, and you can never find one on sale, but I still lust after it season after season!  I can’t wait till I score one!

I am not sure how many parts this will evolve into…

I know I have part 2 and 3 ready to go!

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