Balmain Spring 2011

I know I haven’t done any runway reviews this Fashion Week season. When I saw this show and read some of the negative reviews I thought to myself… I think I agree…

Has Balmain over done it with the Glam/Punk Rock style?

Balmain Spring 2011

For the past several seasons we’ve seen variations of this look. Season to season key items continue on, including super skinny destroyed jeans and leather pants to intricate studding and embellishments. This season you saw a bit of the ole Red, White and Blue influence.  The show was still cool; but innovate; no. Is Balmain a one note line? Or is this an argument to support ones design atheistic?

An argument can be made to support both, but after flipping through shots from the past few seasons, it’s hard to tell where one season ends and the next begins.

Although, like with every show, I can find something I would die to own!

Like the skinny metallic pants below!

Balmain Spring 2011

Glam Rock will always have it’s place…

Balmain will remain the best place to see it!

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