Summer’s Luxury Swimwear

As summer comes to an end, I recommend taking advantage of every bit of sunshine you can before you have to pack on the layers again.

The best way to accomplish this is at a pool party!

You can host one, attend one at local swanky hotel or hit Vegas for the real deal.

These pool parties aren’t for your Body Glove maximum support and coverage suit. These parties require something a bit more luxurious, sultry and sophisticated.

Possibly luxury lingerie inspired swimwear?

Agent Provocateur Swim 2010

When I begin to think about sexy and luxury lingerie, I immediately think of Agent Provocateur.  Nothing says sexy glamor, like an Agent Provocateur swimsuit, a large brimmed hat and a cosmo!

Agent Provocateur Swim 2010

Styling tip: When attempting the sultry vixen look, it is key not to discount your look to much as you may, like your suit, come off as cheap.  For those who would like to leave a bit more to imagination, regular day time cocktail attire is recommended as an alternative to swimwear.
Read more about Agent Provocateur and their offerings at

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