Givenchy Resort 2011

I believe this is my first time featuring a Givenchy Collection and of course it’s Resort. I just decided on whim to take a peek after a few of my favorite go-to collections left me feeling like I was jilted at the alter.

You only need four words to describe this collection…

Red, White, Black and GRRRRR!

I love this collection… I love the simplicity of mixing 3 very basic colors and a print to create a new  full fresh, chic and inspiring collection.

Givenchy r11

Givenchy Resort 2011

Love the long red and white Spanish Catholic inspired dress.

Givenchy R11 White

Givenchy Resort 2011

I would love to see the ivory jacket up close. I am dying to know what the embellishment is:  studs, crystals or?? Can’t wait till NYMag post the details on this one.

Givenchy R2011 black

Givenchy Resort 2011

Slim jacket with a slim pant over under a pencil skirt? Genius!

Volumeous lace top with loose fitting shorts? Brilliant!

Ruffled jacket??  My new obsession!!

Givenchy Resort 2011

Givenchy Resort 2011

Do I even have to say anything?!?!

I guess you can tell I LLOOVVEEEDD this collection and want every piece!!

I’d be happy with ruffled jacket!

This classic house of design will definitely be on my go-to list for upcoming seasons.

See the few images I didn’t feature at

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