Greg Lauren Alteration

I attended the Gallery Opening Reception of ALTERATION by Greg Lauren this past weekend. It is an exhibit of his new works on paper – where art and sculpture meet fashion and clothing.

At first glances the pieces appear to be antique vintage clothing. Taking a second and more up close look, you notice the artistic detailing of each piece, and finally realize that they are made from paper. The pieces are made from Japanese craft paper, hand painted and hand sewn into life size garments. The pieces ranged from men’s suiting, trench coats, robes, ties and boots.

Greg Lauren Alteration Pinstripe

Greg Lauren Alteration Pinstripe

Notice the details in the pinstripe and printed tie.

Greg Lauren Alteration plaid

Greg Lauren Alteration plaid

Jacket, vest and pocket square all impeccable.

Greg Lauren Alteration trench coat

Greg Lauren Alteration trench coat

Functioning buttons, zippers and pockets…

Greg Lauren Alteration jackets

Greg Lauren Alteration jackets

Each jacket appears completely wearable, from functioning zippers, buttons and belts.

Greg Lauren Alteration motorcycle boot2

Greg Lauren Alteration motorcycle boot

Heavy heeled boots worthy of wear.

Greg Lauren Alteration straight jacket

Greg Lauren Alteration straight jacket

Crazy? Well, there’s a white tuxedo straight jacket for you!

With his extreme attention to detail, Greg Lauren utilized wool, cotton, craft paper to create stunning works of art that realistic and approachable.

“Alteration” is on view at 8933 Beverly Blvd., in West Hollywood, through May 23, 2010.

Greg Lauren is the legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s nephew.

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22 thoughts on “Greg Lauren Alteration

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  5. sutton

    this is so cool. i actually have a dress made out of a set of blue prints, and my best friend has a post-it note dress… its insane!

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