Trend Alert: Brights for your Boy?

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about…

Thanks to the mainstream indie-rocker and hipster style not only do you have to worry about your boyfriend being skinnier than you, but if he hasn’t already tried to steal your jeans he will now!

Newest spring trend for the boys…

Bright and pastel skinny jeans and pants!


Skinny brights for boys

Left to right:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Garment Dye Twill Straight Leg Pants

Levi’s Super Skinny 510

Closed Clifton pant

Burberry Cotton stretch trousers

Ralph Lauren Black Label Dylan Wool Gabardine Pant

This look would totally work well on tall and trim cool city guys. I don’t think these would go over well in rural areas!  But boys, buy your own pants! You should not be squeezing into my super tight skinnies with super a fitted crotch!

Although, if I were fighting over a pair of pants with my boyfriend… He would become my new bff and favorite shopping buddy! Just sayin’!

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