Tutu for You… TuTu for Me

I love a sexy mini…

And if you can find one with it’s own personality that’s even better… That is where the tutu comes in… No longer reserved for your childhood dance recitals; paired with pumps and/or fishnets, they are perfect for partying like a Rock Star!

If you are not to sure about strutting your stuff in a classic tutu… Try one of these tutu inspired skirts:

Tutus for all!

Tutus for all!

A: Classic tutu: Rocked out for Cocktails on the Edge!  www.kathmanduonline.co.uk

B: Satin Flirt Skirt: $17.80  www.Fovever21.com (May I add, a hit at the office!)

C: Aqua: Women’s Tiered Chiffon Mini $68 ¬†Bloomingdales.com

D: Elizabeth and James: Star Skirt $275. Shopbop.com

E: LaROK: Flirty and punky Ballerina Skirt $228 Shopbop.com

*All prices may vary

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