Trend Alert: Man Skirts?!

One of our favorite designers and taste makers, Marc Jacobs, is well known for wearing man skirts or… Is it just simply a skirt??

Either way some believe they are on their way to becoming main stream menswear.

Marc in Skirt

Marc in Skirt

A few inquires come to mind, on the topic of Man Skirts:

  1. Will the boys have to shave their legs? It’s only… the whole equal opportunity thing.. If your going to show off your man gams they better be smooth!
  2. When is it considered Cross Dressing? When does it go from a trend to alternative lifestyle? You can already buy lady style minis built for a mans figure Suddenly Fem!
Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Either way boys,  if your going to rock a skirt... we recommend boxer briefs for that smooth finish, we do not want to see any manty lines!

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46 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Man Skirts?!

  1. Barry

    Yes, men are wearing skirts as they have done throughout history, and as they do today in other parts of the world. And why not? They are comfortable and more suited to the male anatomy. Let the girls wear the pants – they seem to be sold on them.
    Cross dressing? this term is as obsolete for men as it is for women (who have always been wearing men’s wear)
    As for shaving – why? Men don’t shave their legs when wearing shorts. Thes e are men’s legs and are hairy. Get used to it!
    Boxer briefs? No way. They destroy the comfort that a skirt provides. Why throw away your shorts and then wear shorts under the skirt? Men’s skirts tend not to be sheer and clingy, so no fear of showing undie lines.
    Stop trying to make men conform to women’s standards. Men have their own skirt style and it looks great!
    Come on lads – get yer skirt on!

  2. mara

    Sure, skirts are also for men, no doubt about this. But wearng shorts under a skirt seems strange to me. Why mixing up two styles? First you talk about comforty by wearing a skirt, then back to discomfort with pants.
    I think men should learn first how to wear a skirt, then walking as a man in a skirt, wearing whatever they want with the skirt. If they don’t shave legs, it is okay or shaving it, that fine too.
    I do not see any problems, even a women’s skirt looks different on a man. Most skirts are in a very masculine style anyway, so lets say that:”That is not men who are feminizing, that is the skirt which is masculinizing.”
    I’m going with Barry, but men should be not restricted to one style of skirt.

  3. Jenny

    Skirts are for everybody. Simple. Men have to think about adopting a different style of clothes in their wardrobe. Pretty easy the way, but men have to be confident and encouraged to go with this new fashion trend like women did 50 years ago. I hope men are not cowards, or?

  4. Christine

    I am not sure about ‘cowards’ but I am very sure that a lot of men wuld like to wear skirts and dresses. But they are afraid to go in public with it. Silly laughing about could be coming up or negative comments. But men have to go over that, it shouldn’t be a big problem because they are MEN.
    I already saw a couple of men in skirts in a shopping mall, and they look really good in their skirts. As i could see, nobody really spend any attention to them, on the other hand this two guys were very confident what they were doing/wearing, so I think a lot of men could do it like those two men. That means go out in public with skirts and dresses.
    By the way, one of this guys hand a handbag – or should I say now “manbag”?
    Overall:Men looking awsome in skirts!

  5. SkirtedMan

    For manly men in skirts and kilts, come by my forum at and chat with dozens of men who prefer a skirt over the trouser tyranny of Crotches. That torture chamber that can have permanent damage to the most important 3 things any man owns. This is not a crossdressing or drag queen site or in any way a site for boys who want to be girls. They have their own places, this is just not one of them. :)
    Join us and be a MUGman. M.U.G. = Male Unbifurcated Garment BIfurcated = 2 holes for 2 legs, UNBifurcated = 1 hole for 2 legs, ie: a skirted garment.

  6. Nothingless

    Skirted Men;
    Few days ago I saw a skirted men: Great! Black skirt, front pleated, white shirt with nice tie, black stockings, black shoes. I don’t know what was more fazcinating, the dressing style or the person. But this guy for sure does not have any problems with his sex, walking straight and pround, a little smile and carrying a man’s purse.
    I have to ask myself: Did we miss something in the past, and why men did not use all this for their own comfort in past? Who stopped men to be creative and full of inspiration?
    This guy was eye-opeing, and first time I felt going out of my isolated conservqatism, it is great what we can do – if we are willing to do it -..
    I only can hope that more men show up their personality, not covered in a “must masculine pant-dressing” but in a free will skirted dressing style, too.

  7. Jay

    yeha alright but just how much longer need we wait before skirts become mainstream for us males women have had this option for decades but not men as of yet why are we still stuck in the dark ages of male cothing i say skiets for men right now todayy and why not they are far more comfortable then pants jeans slacks if and when woen really want to wear this they can and do but men are still not allowed to do so i say why the hell not come on let us be free at long last skirts for males right now no more wating.
    qwe can and must do this!


  8. Ausmale

    Cant see a problem with guys wearing a skirt long or short. The comfort factor is great. Pointless wearing shorts or boxers underneath, skirt is meant for comfort. About time this happened all we men need to do is be confident and no one will care.
    A man dressed in a skirt will still look like a man. Bring it on.

  9. Robert

    I personally like skirts. They are 100% more comfortable than wearing pants or even the baggy shorts now available. I also agree that boxer style briefs would probably be better as opposed to regular briefs or those horrid bunching boxers. Currently, for the summer months I wear plain white cotton panties under my skirts because they are cooler then jockey shorts (tighty-whities). I have also discover the comfort of Skorts. To those that don’t know, skorts have built in shorts. The short portion is usually made of a light nylon (similar to mens swimwear) or a lighter weight cotton. Skorts also allow you not to have to wear any type of underwear. The shorts are generally the same color as the skirt portion and give you a little modesty on windy days. Girls will tell you of the perils of wearing skirts on windy days. Currently I, a male, own 13 skirts and 6 skorts. I wear them shopping, to the parks or just walking around. I have never been given any flack for wearing them by either males or females that I have passed on the street. I am not GAY, nor do I consider myself a crossdresser in that I don’t wear dresses. The closest thing I have to a dress is the caftan I bought in a mens store in Asia a few years ago. Its great to sleep in on long hot summer nights. So guys try it, you might be surprised at the other benefits that come with wearing skirts.

  10. David

    I am a male and will very soon join the ranks of manskirt wearers. And those who do not approve of what I am doing can just go to hell. They are anti – American and are against equality.

  11. christine

    Men just have to jump over their boring gender restriction(s). It does not make any sense to show a gender specific through clothes. It makes more sense to attract people through the person, nice dressed whatever it is, but expressing the personality and not a gender.

    If you would spend half an hour in a male clothing store and for sure you’ll be bored out of your mind. Men’s clothing stores are monuments to conformity, dark and uniform. You can get anything, as long as it is shaped like a rectangle and comes in a primary color and perhaps has little stripes. Oh my gosh, try to do the same tin women’s depaetment stores.

    The question is why men did not revolte against this bad treatment?

  12. Robert

    I whole heartedly agree with you that mens/boys clothing is lacking. Most are dark colors or earth tones, although some shirts are brighter. If you looked at the pictures above you see that even they are in traditional male colors. Whats wrong with incorporating a few pastels in there. I mean the pinks, yellows and light blues. It took me a week to find a pink and a yellow polo shirt. The same can be said for shorts. Somewhere my sister in law found a pair of mens light blue gingham shorts (knee lenght, elastic waist). I checked the tag inside and it did have a mans label. She told me they came from china. If I had not seen the embroidaled label I’d thought these were womens. They are very comfortable. So I’ve added them to my summer wear along with my skirts and skorts.

  13. christine

    Robert; I believe there is nothing “wrong” with people who make choices about colors for men. Just frozen ideas, living happyly in the past and do not create new things. And men do not have enough courage to change someting or make sonething new for themselves. If you read some comments – if you can believe the sender’s name, there are a lot of women too – you’ll find out that the public opinion is based on some comments from this people which are not affected with this new men’s fashion trend nor that one step ahead.
    Actually nobody should listen to these so called “comments” (sometimes just one to five words in length. Critical thinking? Just??? That is our men’s fashion world of today.

  14. bess

    I do not see a connection between critical thinking and fashion of today, but I can see and read men’s demand. But they are afraid the society will not accept them, but actuallythey do, even it is almost invisible. And, we all together are a part of the society, and we have to form it. Everyday new, interesting.And I can imagine that men would fit in skirts, yes, I would say PERFECT. So what we are waiting for?

  15. Robert

    Men or most of them as you said will wear a skirt, some dresses but very few on the latter.
    The reasons behind this of not wearing the garments is people here in America tend to place LABELS on those who go astray of conformity. These labels very from gay to transvestia labels, including the names of FAG or SISSY. I’m sure that if some American called a Greek Soldier a sissy or a Scot in his kilts the same, that he’d be picking himself off the ground fairly quickly. or be needed to be taken to an emergency medical facility.
    There was a article of a man on the New York subway who was wearing a Utilikilt. NO ONE even ask the man about it, although there was snickering done underbreath. There was no attempt to talk to him to derive his personality or why he was dressed that way. Of course the Labels soon surfaced on the editorial pages. I only had a couple of people attempt to place their labels upon me, but I merely replied to them as follows. If you want to place Labels on something, go open a canning factory because labels are not for humans.

  16. bess

    Robert, but isn’t it right that mostly men using the labels against men. Why does nobody using it for women? How far away we are from the minimum understanding of basic laws of humans? I even can’t mention equality, it would sound like a joke.
    Why can’t humans not just accepting each other like they are? I know that in other cultures men wearing skirts, they don’t using pants – see American Samoa. And what could be wrong with men in skirts? Nothing, everybody knows it.

  17. Robert

    Yes it is primarily men using the labels, but I’ve heard a number of women use them as well. The women in some instances are actually more demeaning then that of their counterparts. Which is sort of surprising if your consider all the flack women received in the 1940s when pants were being adapted for womens’ wear. Women could even be arrested for wearing pants in some states. There are hundreds of other cultures whom wear skirts and/or dresses, but our society rejects them in part. You know only 70 to 80 years ago you could buy your son a dress ( and nothing was thought of it. If you did that today, you would probably get a visit from child protective services in your state
    I feel we should go back to allowing what mothers dressed their sons in up to them. If all those boys turned gay we would be vastly devoid of any population growth, to which you know didn’t happen.

  18. bess

    Robert, your last sentence made me think about the real problem what men have when try to wear skirted garments. Men itself pushing all what could be feminine in one corner, that makes a man “gay” (by the way, most gay men dressed very masculine using the lastest men’s fashion).
    Yes, it is right that boys in the beginning of the 20th century wore dresses up to age of 14, and you’ll see that in some families in the U.K. today [or skirt with blazer], and nothing is wrong with that.
    It is aso well known that boys wore garter belt and stockings under their dresses and skirts, and again, nothing was wrong with it. I think we make more problems when men want to change now – but there is no problem, what we need is that many men going together this way and start wearing skirted clothing.

  19. anink

    I regret, that I can not participate in discussion now. I do not own the necessary information. But this theme me very much interests.

  20. Pat

    Men should be free to wear whatever they want without being labeled a sexual deviant or mental.
    Also, sexual orientation should not be associated with clothing.
    Skirts were always a man’s garment until the last 150 years or so.
    In the 17th century men wore high heels, tights, makeup, wigs. Women wore long dresses.
    The point is that men have had their bodies and freedom of expression robbed from them.
    Even though they sell underwear at Walmart, for girls, called “boy shorts”, complete with a FLY for body parts they don’t have, nobody calls it cross dressing. But if a guy wears anything but the most boring, ill-fitting clothes in the universe his safety is threatened in places like America.

    Unfortunately guys are the main ones oppressing other guys who try to break out from the drudgery of oppression, by bullying, assaulting, and humiliating them with derogatory names. Some girls also mock and humiliate guys who wear skirts, meanwhile they are wearing fly-equipped boy-cut underwear with their jeans and t-shirts. What?

    Guys end up feeling some weird sense of shame and guilt if they try to wear dresses or anything like that. They are ashamed of their bodies and they think only women can be fashionable or beauty. They walk around like slobs in their generic-cut drab jeans or slacks. Sure, there is something appealing about being a slob and not paying attention to how you look. But some males might want to dress themselves up as elaborately as girls do. But a male wearing dress, or makeup or whatever could do it in a way that suited the male body. Skirts, dresses, makeup styles, whatever, to fit males. Not attempting to look or pass off as a female, but having access to the same tools of fashion and expression without prejudice.

    Obivously I’m for fashion freedom for everyone, and I hope the men and women who are bigoted against men’s fashion and self-expression are a species of human that is soon extinct.

  21. Martin

    You’re talking about the truth, Pat, but some don’t want to hear or read it. Just recently I heard this comment from parents of a little girl: “….. your’e looking fantastic, I like it. That’s our girl”! What was happen? A 9 or 10 year old girl wore a boy’s suit, beige pants, dark-blue blazer, white shirt and yellow-black striped tie.
    I didn’t say anything, I just was speechless.
    I think we have not just to learn to be honest and frankly, we have to learn to accept everyone like he is.
    I wear skirts and kilts daily in public, and yesterday during an event for ‘earthday’ I was involved in a project with kids from different schools. A boy, maybe 6 or 7, came to me and asked me: “why do you wear a skirt?” I answered: “I like it, it’s comfortable”. He looked at me, maybe 20-30 sec, then: “Cool!” Kids can tell the truth……Cool.

  22. David

    The women and men who make fun of a man who wears skirts are inferior, and are therefore 3/5 of a person. They have mental issues, and should be sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment so they won’t bully these men anymore. They are in desperate need of help.

  23. mara

    Pat & Martinus, I agree. Not much to add.
    David, you might be right, but it is a social pressure on that people. If they would correctly educated they wouldn’t have that problem.
    But it get’s more common seeing men in skirts, and that means this stream has catched on.

  24. Herbert

    I am going with Pat that everybody should wear what she/he likes and feel comfortable in that.
    What we carried for long time wasn’t anything else than false statements about “gay”, skirts and dresses are “feminine” (yes, of course, only women were brave enough to carry all this things through the history what was also men’s stuff in past), etc.

    I am a skirt -and kilt- wearer since 2 month, and it is fantastic haow friendly people are coming toward me. I do not make any difference what women can wear, for instance stockings/pantyhose or high heels – I do wear it whenever I like. Yesterday a blue-jeans skirt with ‘off black’ pantyhose and 2 inch sandals: “Neat”, “it fit’s you totally, sir” and “great outfit” I remember.
    I feel confident what I am doing, and I wear it as a (very) manly man (married, 3 children + a lot of support from my wife).

  25. Charles

    Someone mentioned mental issues and psychiatric hospitals. FYI psychiatry has been on the side of repression and infamy since it coalesced out of the sketchy remnants of the Roman Catholic Inquisition and the Protestant witch hunts. The time is past for replacing profanity, heresy and witchcraft with mental illness accusations. It was advocated that women in pants be “treated with the usual methods in use at the best conducted hospitals for the insane”–NY Times, May 27, 1876, page 6 editorial “A Curious Disease.” The mental health movement isn’t about “health,” it’s about equating social conformity with “normal brain chemistry” and THAT is extraordinarily dangerous to civil liberties and dissent.

  26. Mara

    Back to the issue. Of course, there are no doubts at all that men can – should wear skirts and dresses. It would be the best way to dress for male’s bodies, the best prevention for testicle and prostate cancer, and would men adapt to the gender role we have since 1980′s, that men not the old pictured “warrior” anymore. Men are beginning to step out of their old gender role, starting expressing themselves and finally becoming interested in more than just sports and autos.
    A very interesting era has begun, and it looks like that some men already brave enough to go this way, going skirted and using more and more equipments which were formerly “women’s” stu

  27. Mara

    Sorry, hit that wrong button:
    …..stuff, but we all know for example that even the skirt was formerly only a men’s garment, not women’s.
    But that’s all history. Just to see the future, men in skirts and dresses, means also men are not anymore somewhere in the background in their stereotype uniform, black suit and tie, white shirt, they should coming up with more pretty dressing ideas now. Pants are really boring and do not allow any variations.

  28. Tine

    You’re saying that men should wear skirts and dresses. Interesting point….. thinking about economy. That would be a great step forward when becoming better customer in case of clothes (except this items which are coming from Asia, which makes 90% of all clothes.
    Anyway, I try to think one step ahead. How would it look like, men instead their uniform dressing behavior seeing colorful and different dressed men.
    I like this idea, and hopefully it is not just an one year movement. The role of our guys in the society has changed since 30 or 40 years, but nobody paid attention to that. Now we can do only one thing seriousely – support men on their new way, starting with dressing. The possibility are endless when men make the first step and try to wear someting different.
    I can’t wait – it is too good to believe.

  29. Mark


    I’m very curious about how the public feels about you dressed in a skirt, black PH, and sandals. Was the skirt above the knees? Is this something you wear on occasion? I’m curious. Elaborate. I would like to know more about your experience(s).

  30. Martinus

    Well I can tell my experiences. In general, I always was welcomed in a skirt or kilt. Teaching at school, go shopping, go for dinner, everywhere very positive comments. Mostly women asked me how I am feeling, and when I answered “just great” they were satisfied. One wpman asked a little bit ago what she could do to help her husband to wear a skirt.

    My personal point is that actually I am not aware what other people might think because that is not in my responsibility. It is much more important to me how I am feeling. I break o
    D boundaries, I know, but long time vetoer women broke it, too when wearing pants. So I thought regArding equality I can do the same. And it works very well.
    I have to add that I wear my skirts as a man, I do it very confident.

  31. Martinus

    James, I wear skirted garments regularly. I did not think about feelings, it is just the amazing comfort. Since I have to wear support stockings I changed my mind about feeling stockings every day. It is nice when it is not hot, but temp’s over 85 are not comfortable anymore, and the feeling….. Anyway, I enjoy wearing skirts.

  32. Alby

    I just can’t understand that men always find excuses for that what they want to do.
    In short: They don’t have to find any excuses except for the reason staying healthy. A skirt for every men is recommended because:
    1. decrease the risk of prostate cancer
    2. decrease the risk of testicle cancer
    3. more air is flowing through the lower part of the body which helps:
    a. keep legs airy and the reproduction organs in cooler temperature, therefor men do not need any additional supplements for sexual life, and in fall/winter/spring time legs absorbe more sunlight giving the body more Vitamin A
    4. Skirted garments provide much more comfort for the male body than any kind of pants.
    Sorry, I couldn’t find any reason(s) against skirted garments in case of health for men except old thinking barriers. Do you can find any?

  33. Breanna

    Wow, Alby, those are really serious points you mentioned.
    But I still think that most men do not care about preventing something regard health, men are just not interested in fashion.
    Just recently I read articles about men’s changing, their role, their behavior, etc. With this change some men came up with the new way of thinking about their own personality, found out that skirted garments fitting men better than business attire which are pants and pant suits. Indeed, skirts have more elegance and aesthetic than pants and if you look on men’s shorts, they looking just like old bags and flatter around their body. There is nothing nice, there is no style, no form, just a bag. How different look a skirt and those on men!

  34. Herbert

    Mark, yes black skirt and pantyhose and black sandals. Our company dress code requires white shirt and tie for special occasions, nothing is said about pants or skirts/ dresses, but our boss mentioned that he would like to see dark color.
    My skirts are between 20 and 21 inches long, so close to the knee, kilted style or full pleated for that kind of official wearing. In private I do wear almost all kind of styles, my wife takes care of it that the skirts are not looking feminine. By the way, she loves to see men in skirts.

  35. Mara

    Herbert, u must have a great wife. Not all wives like her. It is true, I heard it also that some companies allowing skirt for men but didn’t change the upper outfit at all. It takes time for a change, but it is already a big step forward that men can wear skirts instead pants.

  36. Herbert

    Thanks Mara. Nothing to add, she is great. I have no idea why other women/wives so shy to support their husbands/boyfriends. It is just about clothes.

  37. Breanna

    It just takes a little time to adopt, I believe. I changed my mind also because I did not know how good men can look in skirted garments. Lately I saw a man in a mini skirt…… Forget all shorts men usual wear they are looking awful compare this skirt that man wore.

  38. Libminded

    I have a website which has been on display since January 2011 and in its current form since mid March 2011. The address

    The site gives reasons and explanations as to why men should wear skirts these days .
    Also, since 30th April 2011 I have been out in public, dressed like I show on my site but as a man, no wigs, makeup, heels etc and with no comment at all. I have done it more than once, each time with my supportive wife and in non-cosmopolitan parts of Northern England.

  39. Breanna

    There is nothing wrong men wearing skirted garments. I do it since 5 years now and feel very comfortable in it. My patients like it, too.

  40. Martinus

    It is right that men should wear skirted garments. It is about their anatomy (biology) and I can’t understand that men acting like sheep, following just what is them told (by a dog).
    I wear my skirts whenever I like and I do not see any restrictions.
    Wherever I come with my skirt, super positive comments, everybody likes it. I have to ask if somebody (male) did get positive comments when wearing pants. I never got even a little reaction. Wearing a skirt makes the difference, a nice and positive difference, finally out of the mass. I like it very much.

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