Menswear Fall 2009

The big Trend for menswear for Fall 2009.. Leather!!

Not just your typical leather pants and jackets… but everything from shirts to chest! Here a few leather winners and losers from Fall 2009!

Leather Winners

Leather Winners

From Left to Right

Etro: Red Patent Leather Bomber, we like a man confident enough to wear color.

Bottega Veneta: Trench coat, a classic style made with super smooth soft leather and  a snuggable collar.

Unfortunately there was more bad than good… The bad:

Leather Losers

Leather Losers

From left to right

Alexander McQueen: Leather chest vest, now every man can be a Spartan!

Neil Barrett: Brings us the following 3 looks: Cable-embossed leather top, leather V-neck and leather cardigan.

Emporio Armani: Cropped leather jacket, men should NEVER rock a belly shirt, or jacket!

There where additional hideous looks, including a serial killer inspired apron, marichi inspired jackets and a full leather jumpsuit!

To summarize, too much cattle died in vain!

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