Another Salute to the Dapper Gentleman!

Freemans Sporting Club was inspired by ideas and activities held by close friends that gathered at Freemans Restaurant in New York City. Taavo Somer, the defacto leader of the troupe, created his menswear line in 2004 and it was only natural that the garments be named Freemans Sporting Club!

The entire F.S.C. brand is built around the vanishing trade of handmade clothing. It is built to be durable and made to be worn day in and out.  In the modern landscape of disposable fashion, F.S.C. strives to create classically styled clothing to stand the test of time and last long enough to be willed to your heirs.  F.S.C has just recently launched a knitwear line; the perfect pairing to their suits, shirts, and shoes!

Freemans Sporting Club

Freemans Sporting Club

A: F.S.C. “Shacket” :The shirt-jacket is an unlined light jacket with interior French seams to make it perfect for layering. The shacket is versatile and equally at home with shirt and tie as it is with t-shirt.

B: Cardigan: From the new knitwear line, 100-percent-alpaca cardigan and the Peruvian-made alpaca-and-wool heavy knit.

We will continue to post and toast to the evolution of men!

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