Scent of Ms. Berry

Now even the classy and sophisticated Halle Barry has hopped onto the celebrity fragrance bandwagon!
Launching in March 2009, Halle Berry has teamed up with International Flavors and Fragrances to produce her signature scent. She said that a fragrance was something she’s always wanted to do for herself… riiight. Unlike the rest of us, you just had to wait for a big enough check to endorse for her fragrance “dreams” to come true!
It is definitely targeted to the working girl, with bottle prices ranging from $17-$35! Sales are already projected to reach $50 million at retail, in 16,000 mass market doors, i.e. Dillard’s, Macys and Target.
Unless this “Eau de Barry” guarantees attracting young hot male models, like her baby daddy and boyfriend, I want nothing to do with it!

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

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